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Charitable Gift Annuity

The Attic Angel Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is an estate-planning option that mixes the benefits of being able to make a significant gift with the security of a lifetime income.

A CGA is a simple contract between a donor and Attic Angel Association that supports the Attic Angel mission and provides partially tax-free annuity payments to the donor and/or a beneficiary, along with other appealing tax features for the donor.

The amount of your annuity payment depends on the size of your gift and your age. The larger your gift and the older you are, the more you will receive and the greater your tax deduction will be. Charitable gift annuities are irrevocable.

The Attic Angel Charitable Gift Annuity Program requires a minimum initial contribution of $10,000, and the donor must be at least age 60. CGAs can be set up to provide annuity payments for one person or for two people.

A qualified CGA is not insurance under the laws of this state and is not subject to regulation by the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance, nor is it protected by an insurance guaranty fund or an insurance guaranty association.

The current CGA rates were set by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA), effective January 1, 2024. The chart below represents milestone ages; please note that the rates change for every additional year of age.

One Life

Age Rate
60 5.2%
65 5.7%
70 6.3%
75 7.0%
80 8.1%
85 9.1%
90+ 10.1%

Two Lives

Age Rate
60/65 4.8%
65/70 5.2%
70/75 5.8%
75/80 6.5%
80/85 7.3%
85/90 8.7%
90/95 9.9%


  • Mrs. Bee, age 80, purchases a $10,000 CGA with cash. The rate on her annuity will be 8.1%.

  • She receives an immediate charitable deduction of $4,428.50 in the year of purchase.

  • Her annual annuity payment will be $810.00, with a tax-free portion of $592.92 and ordinary income of $217.08.

  • After 9.4 years, the entire annual annuity payment is taxed as ordinary income.

  • The annual payment of $810.00 will remain constant during Mrs. Bee’s lifetime – no changes in payments, regardless of how the economy ebbs and flows.

  • Upon Mrs. Bee’s death, any remaining funds go to Attic Angel Association to address critical needs at the time the gift is received, in accordance with the mission.

For more information, call us at 608-662-8901.

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The Playing Field

The Playing Field Poster

Children affected by trauma such as homelessness and those with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders have different sensory needs for emotional support that helps them learn to manage behaviors. Our dream is to create a play space that allows children to be successful while ... being kids! Some of our plans:

  • A large open space for running (crowded spaces are often a behavior trigger for children)
  • High fencing and an appropriate climbing structure (children impacted by trauma or those on the autism spectrum often take bigger risks and climb higher)
  • Sensory panels that welcome independent play when children are agitated
  • A maze for children to walk through (this helps the brain to organize)
  • Small structures where children can feel safe
  • Specially designed pieces to work large muscle groups

By helping children at this critical point in their development, your gift will be helping the future of our community!

 Visit The Playing Field Website