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Annual Report

2022-23 Annual Report

attic angel annual report 2023

2022-23 Annual Report

Operating Revenue

attic angel revenue 2023

 Resident Services Revenue $16,419,926
 Investment Gains $1,516,682
 Fundraising $220,525
 Contributions $443,302
 Association Dues $43,400
 Government Grants $227,234
 Other $104,479
Total Revenue $18,975,548

Operating Expenses

attic angel expenses 2023

 Resident Services $10,243,897
 Administration & Other $5,905,451
 Depreciation and Amortization $3,613,898
 Interest expense $486,302
 Community Outreach $195,012
 Special Events $157,446
Total Expense $20,602,006
The figures at left represent those of Attic Angel Community, the residential arm of Attic Angel Association. The residences include the neighborhood of homes within Attic Angel Prairie Point and the variety of living units within Attic Angel Place.
Figures for Attic Angel Association and its philanthropy can be found inside the annual report publication.
Attic Angel Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.

IRS Form 990

Attic Angel at a Glance • Fiscal year April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023

Attic Angel Community is made up of:

  • Attic Angel Association, Madison’s historic philanthropic women’s service organization, and its affiliates (shown below):
  • Attic Angel Place senior living with health care options
  • Attic Angel Prairie Point neighborhood of homes for seniors living independently
  • Attic Angel Management Services, a service for hire that applies Attic Angel’s successful practices to similar facilities


  • 496 residents living in Attic Angel Prairie Point (Madison), Attic Angel Place (Middleton), Oakmont Senior Community (Verona) and Olympic Village (Sun Prairie)
  • 222 staff
  • 461 Angels/Association members who provided 10,656 volunteer hours to support residents of Attic Angel Place, and another 13,314 hours went toward fundraising, community education and efforts to raise funds for the Community Grants program, which awarded more than $100,000 to support families with school-age children to address housing insecurity.
Community Impact Report

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The Playing Field

The Playing Field Poster

Children affected by trauma such as homelessness and those with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders have different sensory needs for emotional support that helps them learn to manage behaviors. Our dream is to create a play space that allows children to be successful while ... being kids! Some of our plans:

  • A large open space for running (crowded spaces are often a behavior trigger for children)
  • High fencing and an appropriate climbing structure (children impacted by trauma or those on the autism spectrum often take bigger risks and climb higher)
  • Sensory panels that welcome independent play when children are agitated
  • A maze for children to walk through (this helps the brain to organize)
  • Small structures where children can feel safe
  • Specially designed pieces to work large muscle groups

By helping children at this critical point in their development, your gift will be helping the future of our community!

 Visit The Playing Field Website