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elderly men and women dining at Attic Angel Community

Food. The very mention of it engages the salivary glands and sends the imagination into flight.

We are proud to say that our Attic Angel meals and service are among our top-rated experiences while also meeting the specific dietary needs of older adults.

Residents enjoy well-balanced, home-cooked meals that combine flavorful and healthful ingredients with the nutrition they need. Each menu is thoughtfully orchestrated to best incorporate fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and our dietitian and nutritional care coordinator work together to ensure that each resident’s dietary needs are met.

Other highlights of our dining program:

  • Our selective menu allows residents to choose meals based on their specific tastes and nutritional needs.
  • Special diet accommodations include (but are not limited to): Low-sodium, high-fiber, diabetic, lactose restriction, fluid restriction, mechanically altered, vegetarian, renal, gluten-free, and thickened liquid diets.
  • Cultural and religious preferences are happily met as they are requested.

  • Favorite family recipes are welcome as a special way to blend your longtime traditions in with your new home.
  • Themed meals and picnics are held throughout the year.
  • Catering for private dining is available through our At Your Service (AYS) program.
  • Resident input and feedback is always welcome.

Residents of the Households, Haven and Health Center all enjoy three delicious meals each day. Snacks and supplements are available upon request to provide extra nourishment as needed.

Apartment and Prairie Point residents have a lot of flexibility with their dining options. Some residents choose to cook for themselves while others enjoy an occasional break from the kitchen. Still others prefer to eat nearly all of their meals in our dining room.

Another option is our cafe, which provides a casual and social "eat out" experience for residents, staff, volunteers, family, friends and other visitors. 


Arbor Café

Open 11 am - 2 pm, Monday - Saturday

Open to residents, staff, volunteers, family, friends and other visitors.

 December Menu

 January Menu

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