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Image courtesy of UW-Madison Archives

Attic Angel Association’s Madison roots go back 130 years, with deep concern for the health and well-being of both children and seniors.

In the Beginning

Attic Angel Association has a long and rich history in Madison. It goes back to 1889, when Miss Elva Bryant (pictured left) heard that twins had been born into a family so poor that they could not afford clothing for the babies. She set about sewing appropriate clothing and when she delivered it to the grateful parents, she found that there were many more, equally desperate, families in need of children's clothing. She enlisted the help of her sister, Mary (pictured right), and several friends, who continued the mission.

One day, the sisters were up in their attic, collecting discarded clothing for these children. Upon descending, they were greeted by their father, prominent Madisonian and federal servant General E.E. Bryant, who declared, "Here come the attic angels!" The women enthusiastically adopted the name.

diverse children sitting in front of library books

Attic Angel Association normally awards community grants to nonprofit community organizations each year as part of its mission to assist seniors and children. A compelling community need is identified each spring by the Association board of directors as the focus for the coming year’s awards. Due to the pandemic, Community Grants for the 2020/2021 year are suspended.  

2019-20 Grants Awarded

Attic Angel congratulates the eight nonprofit organizations that received community grants with programs meeting the needs of the 2019-20 annual focus: "Support for Families of Children Ages 0 to 13 Who are Experiencing Stress, Trauma or Mental Health Issues.”

  1. THE HMONG INSTITUTE - Hmong Brighter Future program - $45,600

  2. FAMILY SERVICES OF MADISON, INC. - Helping Families of Young Children with Stress, Trauma and Mental Health Issues program- $25,000

  3. RAINBOW PROJECT>- The Rainbow Mental Health CORE PLUS Project in the Madison Metropolitan School District - $40,000

  4. THE ROAD HOME>- Fair Oaks Case Management and Children's Programs - $20,000

  5. CATHOLIC CHARITIES>- Behavioral Health in Schools - $12,944

  6. ORION FAMILY SERVICES>- Infant Mental Health and Child Parent Psychotherapy Training;- $16,000

  7. FORWARD LEARNING YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS>- Child Parent Psychotherapy Program - $12,000

  8. UNITED WAY OF DANE COUNTY>- Supporting Youth & Their Families Through School-Based Mental Health and Trauma Intervention - $14,997

Attic Angel thanks all of these fine nonprofit organizations for their efforts to help the youth in our community.

Attic Angel Community’s mission to serve the health and well-being of seniors takes many forms and many alliances. In addition to the professional services of our own staff and the volunteer work by our Angel volunteers, Attic Angel partners with organizations to care for seniors both on the Attic Angel campus and in their own homes.

 SAIL Logo

Sharing Active Independent Lives (SAIL) is a non-profit program of AgeBetter, Inc., in collaboration with Attic Angel Association and Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. This Madison-area membership program helps people ages 55 and older live in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. SAIL promotes independence through connections. Learn More

Leading Age Wisconsin Logo

Leading Age Wisconsin is a statewide membership organization of not-for-profit corporations principally serving seniors and people with a disability. Leading Age helps its members through collaborative education, political advocacy, promotion of high ethical standards and problem resolution.


Avera eCARE

Avera eCARE brings telehealth services to residents of The Haven and Health Center as needed. The virtual visits via eCARE are available 24/7 and offer direct access to geriatric-trained specialists.


Visiting Physicians Association

Visiting Physicians Association revives the age of house calls for residents who have difficulty getting to a doctor’s office. VPA provides primary care, short-term episodic care, lab, mobile x-ray and ultrasound.


Aegis Therapies Logo

Aegis Therapies include physical, occupational and speech therapy services inside Attic Angel Place during business hours. Highly skilled and experienced clinicians work with residents and outpatients alike on a large variety of personalized needs.


Recover Health

Recover Health is a Medicare-certified home health agency that provides homecare for people recovering from hospitalization or surgery, those dealing with chronic illness or disease, or those with special medical needs. Services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and home health aide.


Mallatt's Pharmacy

Mallatt's Pharmacy specializes in serving seniors in the long-term care setting as well as those living more independently. The pharmacists visit Attic Angel regularly to review residents’ medications and to give each resident the best chance at improving or maintaining health.

Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce logo
Middleton Chamber

The Playing Field

The Playing Field Poster

Children affected by trauma such as homelessness and those with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders have different sensory needs for emotional support that helps them learn to manage behaviors. Our dream is to create a play space that allows children to be successful while ... being kids! Some of our plans:

  • A large open space for running (crowded spaces are often a behavior trigger for children)
  • High fencing and an appropriate climbing structure (children impacted by trauma or those on the autism spectrum often take bigger risks and climb higher)
  • Sensory panels that welcome independent play when children are agitated
  • A maze for children to walk through (this helps the brain to organize)
  • Small structures where children can feel safe
  • Specially designed pieces to work large muscle groups

By helping children at this critical point in their development, your gift will be helping the future of our community!

 Visit The Playing Field Website