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The Power of Music

Attic Angel Community has been chosen to become a MUSIC & MEMORY SM certified facility in 2016.

Funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the Wisconsin Music & Memory Program will help residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music.

The program provides training and the equipment for residents with dementia to experience personalized music. The program will be implemented in Attic Angel Community’s memory care unit, called The Haven.

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The Playing Field

The Playing Field Poster

Children affected by trauma such as homelessness and those with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders have different sensory needs for emotional support that helps them learn to manage behaviors. Our dream is to create a play space that allows children to be successful while ... being kids! Some of our plans:

  • A large open space for running (crowded spaces are often a behavior trigger for children)
  • High fencing and an appropriate climbing structure (children impacted by trauma or those on the autism spectrum often take bigger risks and climb higher)
  • Sensory panels that welcome independent play when children are agitated
  • A maze for children to walk through (this helps the brain to organize)
  • Small structures where children can feel safe
  • Specially designed pieces to work large muscle groups

By helping children at this critical point in their development, your gift will be helping the future of our community!

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